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Your furnace is an essential part of your home because it keeps your whole place warm, especially during the cold seasons when you need heat to get you through the chilly months. But when your heating system stops working all of a sudden, you will require immediate furnace repair to avoid dealing with unwanted hassle and stress.

If you didn’t know, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highly encourages homeowners to get their HVAC system maintained by a professional once a year. That way, you avoid experiencing a carbon monoxide leak, which could put you and your family in danger if you aren’t careful.

Besides that, calling an HVAC technician to oversee your furnace can keep your system running in good condition for the years to come. It will also be helpful if you made an effort to learn how to deal with your heating system if a problem arises, and it will take a while for help to arrive. Keep reading below to find out some tips on troubleshooting your furnace.

You Should Inspect the Ignition Sensor

The moment you turn on your furnace, and it doesn’t light up, it’s best to take a look at its ignition sensor. Your heating system will only work if its heat exchanger, the part that works to heat air, turns on once it feels a spark.

Sometimes, furnaces cease from producing warm air or even operating due to a dirty ignition sensor. It will require proper cleaning to fix your situation, so it’s best to leave it to a furnace company to get the sensor back to its normal condition. Sometimes, they will recommend a replacement when necessary to maximize the use of your heating system.

You Should Check the Pilot Light

When your furnace’s pilot light doesn’t turn on, you can try to switch its power on and off a couple of times to check to see if you only need to restart the unit to get it working again. If that doesn’t solve your problem and nothing’s happening to your heating system, make sure it’s turned off completely before you look around its other parts for other possible damage.

You Should Look at the Electrical Panel

If you own an electric furnace, keep in mind that your circuit breaker runs your heating system. Before you turn on your unit, aside from your furnace, you have to ensure that your circuit breaker panels are on. You can quickly eliminate your problem and avoid calling for a furnace emergency once you put the breakers into their correct setting. Don’t forget to keep your furnace’s door shut tight to allow the safety switch to operate.

You Should Examine the Batteries

Furnaces work with thermostats to allow homeowners to change the temperature to avoid paying for high energy bills. If your heating system’s thermostat doesn’t show signs that it’s on, its batteries may be drained and will require a replacement. Every time you experience inconsistent heating in your household while your furnace is running, you should try using AA lithium batteries rather than alkaline batteries to increase its lifespan.


It’s integral to check your furnace frequently in case it has potential issues that require your immediate attention. Knowing your heating system’s condition will prevent you from experiencing trouble and calling an HVAC company in the middle of a winter night. The troubleshooting techniques above are just some ways you can take the matter into your own hands while you wait for real help to arrive to save the day.

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