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Your plumbing system plays an integral role in ensuring you live a comfortable life at home. Unfortunately, this complex network is prone to damage, especially when not maintained correctly. More often than not, when any of your plumbing fixtures break, you won’t have much to do but call an emergency plumber for help.

Witnessing a bursting pipe or a leaking faucet is always a downer—so it’s up to you to practice mindful ways to prevent the onset of any plumbing issue. After all, you don’t want to spend a hefty sum of money on plumbing issues that you can avoid in the first place!

Keep reading below to find out what not to do when dealing with your plumbing system at home to make sure you can prevent unnecessary repairs from ruining your day.

Don’t Flush Down Wipes Down Your Toilet

Even with the invention of flushable wipes, it’s still not a good idea to drop them into the toilet. Instead, it’s best to dispose of them properly in a garbage bin. Remember that toilet paper is the only item that can dissolve in water—and many experts still don’t recommend doing that, either!

Unfortunately, despite what they’re called, flushable wipes do not have the same properties as toilet paper, so they will end up blocking your sewer line and cause your toilet to back up. When these build up in your pipes, it could lead to your sewer systems or septic tank causing more significant problems over time.

Don’t Flush Other Kinds of Rubbish

Feminine hygiene products, makeup remover pads, cat litter, and all sorts of rubbish that do not dissolve in water should not be thrown into your toilet the same way as flushable wipes. If you don’t want your wastewater backing up, then it’s crucial to direct your trash where it belongs—the waste bin.

Failing to do so will have your sewer line suffer the same consequences as flushing down wipes and causing a clog. As a result, not only will your toilet begin to malfunction, but you will have to clean up the mess once the toilet backs up and regurgitates everything you tried to throw in it.

Don’t Drop Toilet Tablets in the Bowl

As opposed to how drop-in toilet fresheners are being advertised in the media to help keep your bathroom fresh, it isn’t a great idea to place cleaner tabs inside the bowl. They can actually cause the toilet bowl to deteriorate after some time.

That’s because the tablets are made of chemicals like bleach, which, when used in huge amounts, can ruin the rubber material of your toilet’s tank. Aside from that, the moment the tablets begin to break down, they can end up clogging the toilet, preventing you from using the flusher correctly!

Don’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Some households tend to utilize a liquid drain cleaner to unclog the sink or toilet whenever they experience a buildup. Unfortunately, it’s a bad practice because they contain various toxic chemicals that are harmful to your eyes and skin and can cause breathing issues too.

Besides negatively affecting your health, drain cleaners do not always work and have the ability to corrode your pipes, which could end up destroying the environment. As a better alternative for unblocking your lines, you should use an enzymatic cleaner instead.


Your plumbing system is made up of complicated pipings and fixtures that only residential plumbing companies can indeed configure. If you want to avoid dealing with troubling situations related to your bathroom and kitchen plumbing, remember the tips stated above to keep your piping system in good condition.

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