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Heat can be unbearable most times, especially before and during summer. Most people invest in an air conditioner, which can be a real lifesaver to prevent any discomfort and to feel comfortable in their home.

However, there are times when the air conditioning just dies, and you need to shell out expenses for a replacement real fast. It might be better to preemptively inspect the air conditioner and check whether it’s still functioning properly. Here are some signs you should look out for in your air conditioner:

– Faulty Airflow

If some spaces in your home are unequal in temperature, warm air may be coming out of the air conditioner. This is usually a good sign of an issue with your air filter, which prevents proper airflow from moving through your home.

You could consider getting an energy-recovery ventilator to regulate your air conditioner’s cycles and get your home aerated. This will ensure that there’s an adequate distribution of coolness throughout the rooms of your house.

– Constant Humidity

Another thing that affects your home’s temperature is your air conditioner’s humidity and moisture level settings. If you feel as if the heat outside of your door is still the same as when you get in the house, you may need to alter the air conditioner’s settings. You can also buy a dehumidifier to bring back the cool.

– Persistent Cooling Cycles

An air conditioner is programmed to undergo cooling cycles to help absorb the heat. However, these cycles shouldn’t be running constantly and persistently, no matter how warm it is on that day. Get an HVAC expert who can determine if your air conditioner is undergoing short cycling and fix it.

– Sudden Sounds

One obvious sign to take notice of are the noises your air conditioner makes. Most modern models generate low steady noise and stable releases of air, but anything beyond that is a warning sign.

Your air conditioner shouldn’t be making any rattling or grinding noises. You shouldn’t hear any churning water either. In the event you hear any odd noises, stop your air conditioner from running. Turn it off, and call the professionals up for repair.

– Seeping Water

You can also tell your air conditioner needs to get fixed if water is trickling and accumulating into a small puddle. It’s a sign that your cooling system isn’t working correctly, unable to handle the condensation the air conditioner’s operations cause. If this issue isn’t attended to right away, your home may be facing water damage.

– Bad Smells

Along with your sense of hearing and sight, you can also use your sense of smell to know if your air conditioner is working or not. A faulty air conditioner can often lead to some weird odours. If you’re lucky, you can remove it with a quick cleaning session. Some cases involving the ultraviolet lamps or ductwork of the air conditioner might require a more in-depth fix.


Don’t ignore the signs of your air conditioner failing. It’s less costly to identify the problem earlier before more damage comes to your home and other expenses get thrown into the mix. Along with that, you and your family can feel much more comfortable in a chilly home sooner.

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