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It’s inconvenient to put up with a faulty furnace. There are several probable explanations for this, but it is most likely due to a problem with the burner or associated accessories. Pilot lights are no longer used in newer versions to keep the furnace lit. Instead, electrical ignition is used. If this ignition malfunctions, the burners will not work as expected.

When your gas furnace is in proper operating order, it should operate as follows:

  • The thermostat tells your furnace to turn on.
  • The draft inducer fan draws fresh air through the furnace by spinning. 
  • It is through the gas valve opening that the gas enters the  pilot burner.
  • The pilot light is lit by an electrical spark.
  • The flame sensor alerts your furnace when the pilot light is on.
  • The gas valve controls the flow of gas to the centre burners, which are illuminated by the pilot light.
  • Your furnace then distributes warm air throughout your home via ducting.

If anything really goes wrong throughout this operation, your furnace will shut off for safety. Or it may shut off after a few minutes of heating due to overheating. 

Flame Sensor Is Not Working

The flame sensor in your furnace is a security measure that alerts it when gas is ignited. If the sensor is unclean or malfunctioning, it may function incorrectly or not work at all. Even if the sensor is working properly, incorrect location prevents it from detecting the flame at all. Even if you try to repair and sanitise this sensor immediately, calling a professional will guarantee that the issue is solved fast and properly.

Warm Furnace

The built-in safety systems  in the furnace ensures that it turns off if it becomes too hot. A blocked filter is one of the most typical causes. We recommend that you inspect your air filter once a month. 

If the thermostat doesn’t function efficiently

Your thermostat tells your furnace when and how much to heat your house. When your furnace isn’t working correctly, it will find it hard to keep your home cosy and warm. Depending on the type of thermostat, this might be a battery or an electrical. Some of these problems, such as a clogged flame sensor or an overheating furnace, are caused by a lack of frequent furnace maintenance. It is critical to get this service conducted on a yearly basis since it may help avoid malfunctions, improve your furnace’s energy savings, and potentially extend its life.

Despite efforts to preserve, repair or maintain it, your furnace will eventually stop working properly. 

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