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If you live in a cold region, a natural gas furnace is the most cost-effective option to heat your house. According to news portals, the cost of natural gas is projected to skyrocket during the winter heating season. This is due to the fact that the demand for energy has surpassed the available supply.

Will It Impact You?

Higher natural gas prices will affect you when you switch on your heating system and receive your energy bills.

4 Heating Cost-Saving Strategies

A natural gas heating system is still the most inexpensive and effective way to heat your house when compared to other fuel sources. And there are some actions you can take to keep your heating expenditures low this winter. Here’s how to save money on your gas heating bill.

1) HVAC Maintenance

Before the heating season begins, schedule furnace maintenance with an HVAC technician. You’ll gain more efficiency, and it’ll cost less than repairing your heating system later in the year.

– What does it entail?

– Inspecting the gas valve

– Checking Electrical Parts

– Checking thermostat

– Examining the heat exchanger

– Testing the gas burners

Having your HVAC system serviced once a year helps control energy use, minimises the likelihood of malfunctions, and may even extend the life of your heating system.

2) A Smart Thermostat

To save money on your energy cost, HVAC specialists recommend replacing your programmable thermostat with a “smart” thermostat. This means it uses Wi-Fi, allowing you to control your HVAC system from your smartphone or tablet in bed when you wake up, or from anywhere in the globe. You’ll be able to see real-time updates on how much energy you’re using.

The finest smart thermostats for central heating have the following features:

– Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as an app to operate it from a smartphone or computer.

– Based on your temperature preferences, smart programming creates an energy-efficient heating schedule.

– Eco-mode settings that set the thermostat automatically to save you money.

3) Choose Energy-Saving Thermostat Settings

Your smart thermostat will create an efficient schedule that may reduce your heating expense, but you’ll need to set up it for a few days, so it can learn your temperature preferences.

4) Tips While at Home

When you’re at home, consider these money-saving tips to keep your house warm and your heating cost under control:

Use heat-blocking window coverings.

– During the day, leave the south-facing window coverings open.

– Plastic sheeting should be used to cover draughty windows.

5) While at Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, most individuals sleep better in a cool room. During the winter, that temperature might fluctuate between 60 and 67 degrees, depending on your particular preferences. To determine the optimal temperature, try checking your thermostat for approximately a week. Begin with a temperature of 67 degrees and gradually reduce it by one degree each night. You may feel chilly at first, but you’ll be surprised at how comfortable you can be at a lower temperature. And how big of a difference it may make on your heating expense!

6) When You Are Not Home

If you don’t have any pets, you may set your thermostat to as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This keeps your heating system functioning and prevents ice in your pipes.

7) Furnace Upgrade

One of the easiest methods to save money on heating expenses is to replace your outdated, inefficient heating system. While your exact utility bill savings may vary depending on your location and temperature preferences, these savings might help your primary heating source pay for itself over time through a lower natural gas payment.

When to start thinking of a new installation?

Age: The older, the sooner

Repairs: If the repairs are very frequent

Bills: If the bills are shooting up

Noises: If the noises are odd and loud

Despite rising natural gas costs, there are several methods to reduce your heating expense with these expert advices. At Soul Mechanical, we aim to provide quality HVAC, and plumbing services to our customers, whether emergency plumbing in Edmonton or preventive maintenance checks. Get in touch with us for a free estimate!

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