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Being a building owner or an office manager to a big commercial building comes with a lot of responsibilities and duties. Taking care of each employee and their needs is a 12-hour stressful job, and the commercial building needs a lot of maintenance as well. We are here to help. 

We’ve created a helpful list with a few bullet points to help you choose the appropriate HVAC contractor. An HVAC system function is vital because it directly influences the quality of the air your employees are breathing. An HVAC system is also essential during the winter as you don’t want your employees to freeze while performing their duties.

How to find the appropriate HVAC contractor?

The commercial HVAC systems in large buildings are much more complicated and entirely different from the ones you own home. It is essential to hire an experienced commercial HVAC contractor for maintenance, repairs, or replacement of parts. 

Be straightforward from the start and ask about previous commercial work they`ve done, you can also demand to see all of their licenses and certifications.

 Hiring a contractor that has it all “on paper” means you get an actual safety net that protects your business too. 



Do you have a licence and certifications?  Hire only those contractors that are compliant with your local licensing requirements.

How long will the maintenance inspection take? A standard HVAC inspection should take roughly an hour per HVAC system.

How is the system operating? Does the contractor listen to your concerns or ask about your issues?

Does the maintenance agreement include a safety inspection? Safety first! 

Does the maintenance plan comes with checking the equipment’s performance? The equipment must be checked in order to ensure proper and efficient performance.

Will you review the maintenance issues with me? It is important that you understand what issues were found and the proper courses of action to fix those issues.

As a community and customer-oriented business rooted in Alberta Canada, Soul Mechanical is organized to take care of all its customers’ HVAC, plumbing, & refrigeration construction needs regardless of project size or type.

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