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While homeowners should maintain their property all year, the summer months demand special attention. Summer weather isn’t the friendliest to homes, with hot, sunny afternoons. It isn’t uncommon for damage to go undiscovered for a time.

Minor damage caused by past weather worsens with the following round of heatwaves, perhaps leading to significant issues down the road.

If you don’t have your property checked by experts, these problems can escalate into significant repairs or a complete replacement. To help you avoid that, we have outlined some of the most typical types of damage brought about by the hot weather and some ways to protect your property.

1) Foundation

Due to the drying effect of heat, the hot summer months may jeopardize your home’s foundation. The surrounding earth serves as a continuous support system for foundations. As the ground warms, the soil shrinks and moisture evaporates, causing the soil to separate from the footing and potentially causing foundation damage. You can assist prevent this by doing a variety of things.

A sprinkler system can assist in maintaining an average moisture level around the foundation of your home. Another technique to keep the soil near your foundation from drying up is to make sure there are no large trees close to the house. Trees absorb moisture from the earth and can cause drought-like conditions in the region around their roots when there isn’t enough of it.

2) Roof

Roofs are particularly vulnerable to heat damage. Attics are generally poorly ventilated, and they are the hottest portion of the house. The excess heat and moisture under the roof might cause the shingles to deteriorate faster due to humidity buildup in the attic. However, correctly maintained ductwork and ventilation might help to alleviate this issue.

High temperatures can also cause your roof to expand and flex, which can cause shingles to fracture and leak. The heat can also dry out the caulk surrounding flashing, weakening the structural integrity of your roof. Installing vapour barriers to reduce moisture, coating and sealing the roofing system to protect against harmful UV rays, painting the ceiling a lighter color, and scheduling regular maintenance checks to ensure everything is in good working order can help prevent this.

3) Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors, like roofs, can distort as a result of the humidity that comes with the summer months. Wood expands in the presence of heat and moisture, and as it absorbs water, the edges of the floorboards push upward, resulting in an uneven surface. Floors can also “buckle,” pulling up and away from the subfloor completely.

The moisture collected in wooden floors may ultimately dry out, allowing them to return to their previous shape. Still, the summer’s high humidity can cause the flooring to crack and cause irreversible damage. You can install whole-house dehumidifiers to assist control humidity levels throughout the property. During particularly humid days, running your vents can aid in the preservation of your floor’s integrity.

Finally, use as little water as possible when cleaning. Summer humidity slows the evaporation process, leaving water on your floor for longer than usual and allowing it to soak into the floorboards.

4) Pipes

Your plumbing is another area of your home that is vulnerable in the summer. Due to heavy water usage and pressure from swimming pools, garden hoses, automated sprinklers, and even day-to-day operations, incorrectly sealed pipes are far more prone to leaking or bursting.

You can avoid this by hiring residential plumbing experts to maintain the caulking and sealing around your pipes regularly.

The severe drying that can occur during a dry summer can cause foundation movements, water lines to disconnect or break, and water mains to crack or leak. When this happens, you can keep the soil around your house well-maintained and watered.

If the ground is dry and you have moisture exiting a damaged pipe, tree roots in quest of water can also harm pipelines. In this case, you should make sure you keep your house a safe distance from more giant trees.

Don’t Let Summer Get You Down! Stay Ahead of the Damages with Soul Mechanical!

The extreme summer weather can be a threat to the structural integrity of your home. The best method to help prevent these risks is to have a professional inspect your property.

Seek residential plumbing services in Edmonton at Soul Mechanical, and start with an inspection that looks for weaknesses in your property. We make sure that your home has enough air movement and moisture to provide a happy, healthy home for your family for many years to come. Contact us to request a quote!

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