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There’s a reason why winter air seems drier than summer air. This is because warmer air holds more moisture, or humidity, than colder air.

The same is true for your Canadian residence. While turning on your gas furnace makes your house seem warmer, it can also dry up the air within. Dry air may convey a variety of illnesses, such as dry skin and cracked lips, and can make you more prone to illness.

Here’s why your gas furnace dries up the air in your home and what you can do to remedy it.

1) Combustion:

The fuel your furnace burns isn’t what causes your home’s air to seem dry. Rather, it is the combustion methods that are at fault.

Gas furnaces are classified into two types: standard and high efficiency. When a standard older furnace is functioning, you may see light from the burners. A more recent, high-efficiency furnace is completely sealed.

To work, a conventional furnace, often known as an atmosphere furnace, draws air from within your home. Because the furnace continually relies on air to burn, it will also consume cold, dry air from outside, which will influence the humidity in your home.

High-efficiency furnaces, also known as sealed combustion furnaces, do a better job of maintaining consistent humidity levels. They draw all of their combustion air from outside, but it remains trapped inside the enclosed furnace. They also make your home more pleasant while using less energy. In addition to burning, chilly air naturally enters your home throughout the winter. With lower humidity, the air will quickly rob moisture from your skin, lips, nose, and neck.

2) Humidity:

A portable humidifier can only make one area comfortable at a time, but a whole-house humidifier can carry that comfort throughout your home.

These are just a few of the advantages of installing a whole-home humidifier system.

1) Flu Season:

Cold weather is notorious for being the worst season for colds, flu, and other diseases. This is because when your nose and throat are dry, you are more likely to become ill. Under certain airflow circumstances, air with the proper humidity level may also help to prevent the transmission of some viruses. Furthermore, it has been shown to alleviate year-round allergy problems.

2) Effects on Dry Skin:

If you suffer from chronic dry skin or eczema, you understand how inconvenient these problems may be throughout the winter. Investing in a whole-house humidifier allows your skin to retain more moisture.

3) Relief for the Woods:

When humidity levels are too low, cabinets, flooring, furniture, and essentially anything made of wood in your home suffer. This is because dry air takes moisture from the wood, causing it to fracture. Keeping your home’s humidity at the proper level can keep your furniture looking their best.

4) Upkeep:

Portable humidifiers need a lot of maintenance, including regular filter replacements and continual refilling. A whole-house humidifier only has to be serviced once a year, which can be done at the same time as your furnace tune-up.

Because it does not require a pad, a steam humidifier requires the least amount of maintenance. It collects water in a canister and boils it to create steam, which is then circulated via your ducting. Because it is self-powered, it can be used even when the furnace is turned off.

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