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Water is a welcome resource in every household, but finding it in places where it shouldn’t be can be a cause for alarm. You need to discover the source as soon as you can, lest your home suffers from extensive water damages. Unfortunately, leaks can also mean extra expenses, especially when you trace it back to your air conditioner. You’ll need to act fast to prevent further damage, as well as ensure that the repair and maintenance costs do not add up. 

A leaky AC unit can usually be expensive, and the entire process can be frustrating. You’ll either be experiencing a damaged unit or a damaged space, but the complications will arise if you end up experiencing both. 

A leaky air conditioner can happen due to a variety of reasons, but here are some of the most common reasons: 

Reason #1: Your evaporator coils have frozen 

A leaking air conditioner usually happens due to a clogged air filter. A filter full of debris and dirt means that air cannot pass through properly, which ends up causing your evaporator coils to freeze. Once these coils freeze, your refrigerant is also affected. This will compromise the entire airflow, thereby affecting the AC’s ability to absorb heat. As a result, ice will form and eventually leak in water form. 

Other causes of a frozen evaporator include blocked vents, lack of refrigerant, dirty coils, and even a damaged motor. You’ll need to call the help of a professional as soon as possible, especially since you can potentially damage your compressor.

Reason #2: Your drain pan is cracked or overflowing 

Underneath your indoor air handler is the drain pan, which also houses your evaporating coil. This prevents your air conditioning unit from condensing, but a damaged drain pan will cause leakages. For a proper diagnosis, make sure to first turn off your unit. 

Once turned off, open it carefully and insect the drain pan for any leaks. You’ll also do well to check the pipe for leaks, which is connected to the drip pan—this feature is responsible for discharging the condensate outside. If you do end up with a cracked drain pan, a water sealant can help alleviate the problem. However, it’s best to just replace it with a new one for maximum performance. 

Reason #3: Your coils are in need of cleaning 

If you have been neglecting your AC maintenance schedules, chances are the leaks are caused by dirty coils. Dust, grime, and dirt have probably accumulated, leaving it unable to properly circulate the air. 

It’s also likely that the insulation located in the coils have been damaged, further blocking the air from travelling down the drain line. As a result, condensation happens, causing water to leak out of your unit. If you’re dealing with small drips and puddles, it’s best to call the help of a professional. 

Taking Good Care Of Your Air Conditioning Units 

Prevention is always better than cure, but once your air conditioning unit is leaking, the best thing to do is to call on the help of a professional. You’ll also want to schedule preventive measures, which include regularly checking, replacements, and of course, maintenance.

A little knowledge can also go a long way, especially when it comes to prolonging your unit’s lifespan. Keep this quick guide in mind—once you diagnose the problem properly, you’ll save yourself the pain of water leaks and costly repairs!

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