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If you have a leaky or busted pipe in Edmonton, you may require the services of a plumber. However, most of the time, you can avoid clogging your pipes or having trash disposal repairs, both of which may be costly to repair.

Here are some of the most common problems we hear about at Soul Mechanical and how you may avoid them.

1) Using Wipes That are Flushable

Although they are marketed as ‘flushable wipes’ they should be disposed of in the waste bin. Apart from the obvious, the only things that should be flushed are toilet paper and septic treatments if you have a septic system.

According to Forbes, Canadian research that evaluated 101 similar wipes discovered that none of them passed a flushability test. Because flushable wipes do not disintegrate in the same way that toilet paper does, they can clog your sewer system and cause your toilet to back up.

They may also wreak havoc on city sewer systems or your septic tank. These wipes can mix with other harmful substances that should not be flushed down the toilet, such as cooking oil and hygiene items, to form a fatberg. They are also costly to repair. If you rely on the public sewer system, those costs may be passed on to you in the long term.

2) Flushing Other Non-Flushable

Whatever type of wipe you’re using; makeup removal, cleaning, baby, or sanitizing—it should be discarded after you’re done. Apart from wipes,  there are a few more items that should not be in your toilet. These are some examples:

a) Sanitary Pads

b) Cat Litter

These items, together with wipes, can clog your sewage system and cause your toilet to overflow, leaving you with a costly mess.

3) Using Chemicals

If your sink is clogged, your first thought may be to purchase a cheap liquid drain cleaner. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while using these drain cleaners.

Drain cleaners are a hazardous mixture of chemicals that can cause skin and eye irritation. They also produce strong gases that might cause respiratory discomfort.

If these cleaners can cause skin burns, imagine what they may do to your piping: corrosion, fractures, and even failure.

As you can see, these chemicals are not good for the environment.

Despite the chemicals they contain, drain cleaners may do not function or only work for a short period of time. This is because they frequently drive the blockage further into your plumbing until it causes a big problem.

If you must use a drain cleaning, we recommend an enzymatic cleaner. To remove blockages and unpleasant odours, these chemical-free cleaners employ bacteria and enzymes. While they may take longer to clean than chemical-based cleaners, they are healthier for you, your plumbing, and the environment.

If you have a stubborn clog that won’t break up, a skilled plumber like Soul Mechanical professional is your best option for drain cleaning. While you may hire a drain auger or a plumbing snake, it is preferable to have an expert do the work. You’ll also avoid creating pipe damage and a slew of other problems, such as leaks, broken seals, and foul odours.

Once your drain is clear, keep it clear by adding a screen to prevent hair or food scraps from clogging it again.

4) Throwing Grease

It may appear like draining a small amount of fat down the drain is not a big deal. However, grease may accumulate and plug your pipes over time. If the grease gets into the sewage system, it can attach to flushable wipes and cause the previously described fatberg.

Drain the fat into a container to avoid plumbing issues. After it has cooled, you may dispose of it in the trash bin.

5) Leftover Food, and Remnants in Garbage

Your garbage disposal is a useful instrument for getting rid of tiny amounts of food waste. But it can’t get rid of everything. We recommend against dumping the following things down your garbage disposal to avoid problems or clogs:

Potato and Onion Peels





6) Not Maintaining Your Plumbing System

Your plumbing, like your heating and cooling system, needs periodic maintenance. This service can assist us in detecting minor faults before they become major concerns, such as a catastrophic water leak. Some of the issues we’re looking for are as follows:

Right water pressure

Supply lines and plumbing equipment such as sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets that work properly

If you notice an issue, such as a leaking sink or pipe, it’s critical to address it as soon as possible before it worsens or causes damage.

7) Trying to DIY

When you have a dripping pipe or a leaking washing machine, it is critical to contact an Expert at Soul Mechanical for leak repair before the problem worsens or causes damage.

Plumbing repair is a complicated task that is best left to professionals. There’s a reason plumbers must go through thorough qualifications and licenses. Don’t try to fix a water pipe yourself or call a handyman, since you may end up wasting time and creating a more expensive problem.

Whatever plumbing issue you’re experiencing, our expert plumbers at Soul Mechanical are here to help.  For plumbing quotes in Edmonton, contact us!

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