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Technology can be such a blessing sometimes. Having a heat pump can be so handy during the winter season. You can rest with ease, knowing that your room will still feel warm even with the cold air around it.

You can usually deduce that your heat pump is running correctly by the slightly audible vibration it makes. Some models may produce more noise than others, but recognizing the typical sound yours is making will let you know it’s working.

However, your heat pump may be making some irregular sounds that can be worrying. This could range from an odd whirring noise to some unusual buzzing whenever it’s turned on. Here are some examples:

1) An Abnormal Hum

A humming sound can be easily mixed up with the usual noise your heat pump makes when you aren’t paying attention. However, if you notice a slight difference, you may want to look a little further into it.

A humming noise is often made when your pump’s system is experiencing an electrical problem. There could be a part of the system that’s worn out or got disconnected. If that’s the case, you may want some components replaced to avoid hearing that loud noise again.

2) Shrill Hisses

A heat pump usually releases warm air, producing a generally quiet wind. Keep in mind that those sounds should not be accompanied by some hissing, though, as that would indicate a problem with your device.

If there’s a slight shrill noise coming from your device, that might mean there’s a leak that’s allowing air to escape from it. The filter or the valve can cause this. A trained HVAC expert should be able to patch the issue up.

3) Wet Gurgles

A heat pump uses a refrigerant that makes liquid evaporate into gas, creating the warm air you get in your room. If you hear actual liquid churning inside of the pump, the refrigeration cycle might have been disturbed.

It’s possible that a leak was caused in the system. A repeated bubbling sound isn’t ideal at all, so have it checked out. Don’t wait around as the problem may worsen if it isn’t attended to quickly.

4) Scratchy Noises

You should probably be worried if you’re hearing screeching and scratching from the heat pump the moment you turn it on. Try to listen if metals are scraping against one another; it’s possible the fan blades were unaligned and are hitting the surface near them.

This can be a more annoying noise than the others, so you can’t use the heat pump with that in place. Your best bet is to have an expert straighten the blades or take a look at the heat pump to check if any other metal parts were causing the unpleasant noise.

5) Loud Clanging

Rattling and clanging can be a common sound you hear. You may brush it off as sounds from your backyard, but it’s also possible that something got caught in the fan of your heat pump. Even a tiny object can wreck the whole system, so inspect it a little bit.

To prevent or fix any damage resulting from the loud clanging, let an expert check the system and sweep any items that might be causing the rattling. This could be a little stone, a dried-up leaf, or tiny pieces of wood that ended up in your garden.


It’s best not to ignore any hunches or concerns you may have about your appliances. Additional expenses can arise if you don’t try to fix the sources of all the weird sounds coming from your heat pump. Take care of it early and check what you can do to prevent the pump from breaking.

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