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On average, flushing the toilet should take only a few seconds. This process is quick and easy and does not require any advanced steps. However, there are certain toilets that tend to drain slowly, making the flush cycle take far longer than intended. And when you notice that the toilet has been running for some time, you may begin to believe there’s a hidden cause for it. At this point, plumbing services may be the best way to go.

When it comes to fixing a toilet that won’t stop running, the first step is figuring out what caused the problem in the first place. Here are the five possible reasons why your toilet won’t stop running:

Reason #1: Flapper Issues

Toilet flappers are constructed to stop water from leaking into the tank after flushing. They slide down into the bowl, allowing water to flow in. To return to its original position, the flapper first has to evacuate the accumulated water before it can reseal the tank.

You can look into a faulty flapper by turning off the water supply and drain the toilet to see whether a defective flapper is causing the toilet to run occasionally. Next, inspect the contents of your toilet tank and see if the chain’s length should be adjusted.

Another contributing factor to a slow-draining toilet might be an accumulation of debris on the flapper. Damage may also cause it to require replacement. Make sure the toilet flapper is cleaned before replacing it on the fixture.

Reason #2: Float Issues

Your toilet’s efficiency is adversely affected by a malfunctioning float. Floats are sometimes caught up in the chain, resulting in reduced functionality. Confirm this by shaking the container and listening for water moving within. You will know that the float is clogged if you hear water splashing about.

Reason #3: Water Level Issues

The overflow tube is an open tube that connects the toilet bowl to the tank, where residual water in your toilet tank continues to flow when the water level is too high. To avoid further water damage, the toilet float must be lowered.

The screw situated at the top of the float ball fill valve can be adjusted. Use a screwdriver to turn the valve in a reverse manner for just part of the way. For a float cup fill valve, spin the screw in the same direction to lower the float’s height. To make sure the tank is full, flush the toilet and refill it one inch below the upper portion of the overflow tube.

Reason #4: Fill Valve Issues

If your toilet won’t stop running, it could be due to a malfunctioning fill valve. Fix this by switching off the water supply and draining your tank completely. In order to discover the lock nut attaching the fill valve to the toilet, you must locate the fill valve first. Use an adjustable wrench to remove the lock nut. Turn the wrench in a clockwise direction to loosen it. Then, remove the fill valve assembly from the tank.

At the local hardware store, identify a suitable replacement. To reinstall the valve to the water supply line, tighten the nut clockwise to ensure the connection. Finally, turn the water supply back on to test your new fill valve. While the tank is filling, maintain the water level and ensure that the float is at the correct height.

Reason #5: Refill Tube Issues

When the refill tube in your toilet keeps pumping water into the bowl, this may cause your toilet to continually run. The refill tube is too long or is incorrectly positioned in the overflow tube, resulting in this error. To shorten the refill tube, hold it directly over the overflow. Attach the ends of the belt to the overflow tube on the right


The task of fixing a toilet that is broken would be rather challenging, especially for those who have no plumbing experience. Beyond these tricks to figure out the root causes of your toilet problems, it is still highly suggested that you get the toilet looked at by a professional plumber. Be rid of such difficulties once and for all!

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