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Summer’s here, and so is the heat. While we’ve already got plans for the summer, which may include vacations or staying up late every night, there is one home appliance that works even harder during the summer.

Your HVAC system, particularly your air conditioner, works to keep you cool and far away from the heat outside. To ensure that your AC is at its optimal capability while also saving up on electricity, there are a few steps you can take to prepare it for the summer.

– Filter

Cleaning your HVAC filter is the first and one of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your AC is at its optimal in the summer. This is a straightforward task that should not even be neglected. It only takes rinsing it under running water, letting it dry, and placing it back where you took it.

Removing the dust in your HVAC removes the airflow restriction and optimizes its cooling power. However, if dust accumulates in your HVAC, it makes it work harder than usual. This means less cooling capacity and higher electricity on your part.

When needed, you should replace your filter if dust had already settled. Sometimes cleaning it is no longer enough, and it needs replacement. To ensure that you get the optimal power of your HVAC, make it a habit to replace filters twice a year or once a month during summertime.

– Vents

Dust off your vents and ensure that you get the complex parts where dirt built up. It could take proper cleaning but dirt settling outside your HVAC system is a strong indicator of restricted airflow. Also, this could mean that the air circulation is blocked with dirt, debris, and even pet hair.

You should also make sure that your HVAC vents are open since closed vents increase electricity usage. Unfortunately, this could also lead to eventual damage to the system as high pressure in the ducts could reduce the motor’s power, releasing less cool air.

– Ducts

A leak in the air ducts is a strong indication that your unit isn’t at its optimal. Your HVAC may have a tear or a loose spot, prompting air to exit through these small areas. As a result, your air may not be as cool.

To find the gaps, set your HVAC on full blast and check the ducts and joints for any air. You may also use incense and check areas where the smoke curls in unusual patterns, indicating that it is being blown.

Temporarily closing these gaps is as easy as securing them with duct tapes. But if you have mastic and aluminum foil tape, they work better and close the cracks for good. Furthermore, ducts can become breeding grounds for rodents and dust mites. So always check and clean them on a regular basis.

One Last Thing

Prepping your HVAC system the right way helps you stay cool in the summer. It also makes sure that you enjoy the cool air at its optimal while saving up on electricity.

To ensure that your HVAC is ready for the summer heat, contact a professional HVAC, Refrigeration, and Plumbing services provider like Soul Mechanical. It is our mission always to exceed your expectations with our services and industry-leading practices. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help!

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