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Winter is almost here. Are you ready? And what about your HVAC system? Do you know some crucial signs which are direct indicators that it is about time to replace your Heating Unit? We are here to help you with this short yet practical list of carefully selected information.

Increased Energy Bill

One of the very first signs that something is wrong with your AC system is the increased energy bill. Explained in the simplest way possible, if your air conditioning system is not working correctly, it will use much more energy to cool down your home, thus the increased energy costs.


Odd/Loud Noises

This is an obvious one. Uncommon and loud noises can`t be a good thing. If you do hear increased unusual sounds coming from your AC system, make sure you contact HVAC maintenance professionals who will determine the cause of these sounds.

You`ve had the same HVAC System for a Longer Period Now.

Yes, we do know the saying “oldie=goldie,” but we can`t relate to it, especially when we are talking about your HVAC system. If you`ve had the same system longer than a decade, then you should consider upgrading it. Not only you will decrease your energy bill, but you will also improve the quality of the air you are breathing.


You are spending way too much money on repairs.

Proper maintenance and repairs every year are a common and necessary thing. If you need to call for help every month and your repairman knows your home address by heart, it’s a sign to upgrade your HVAC system. Save valuable money and time.

Your Home is Not Cool/Warm Enough

Saving the worst for last, your home not being cool or warm enough! This is probably the most obvious sign that something is wrong with your HVAC system, and two things can cause this. First is inadequate maintenance. The second is your HVAC system’s inability to cool down or warm up the area.


Proper maintenance, constant check-ups, and eventual upgrades are essential. Don’t forget that we are here to answer any questions you may have.

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