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With winter seasons getting colder and summers getting extremely hot, your heating and cooling systems are something that is always needed for any business. Being one of the most important assets for any business, whether it be office-based or a retail store, HVAC systems need to always be in tip-top shape. Not only is a badly functioning one a hassle to deal with, but it can also mean a plethora of dangerous problems occurring on the inside. While you should be scheduled for routine maintenance checkups for your HVAC system, here are some signs that you might need a professional to come over and check ASAP:

You Start To Notice Leaking Or Smell Heating Fuel

Oil and gas have a smell that is unmistakable. If you catch a whiff of these scents, there may be a chance that your HVAC system has a malfunction. If you listen closely, you can sometimes hear dripping from AC units. While leaks can mean different things, some being minor issues, and others more severe, there is no doubt that these are all serious problems that need to be addressed. Gassy odours or any coolant leaks are hazardous. When you experience these, shut off the system immediately, inform your employees of the situation, and contact your nearest HVAC provider who is certified to conduct repairs.

The Temperature Of The Air In Your Space Isn’t Being Reached

If you notice that your workplace is extra hot on a summer day, or too cold on winter days and you are receiving complaints from your staff, this may be a disruption in your HVAC system. When you are running a business, safety should be the number one concern. If the heater or air conditioning system is not working properly, workers will be affected gravely. The best thing to do is shut off the system, halt production, and contact professional services immediately for repairs. Working in a factory on a hot summer day without air conditioning is torture, and the risk of making mistakes or slipping up due to dehydration is not something you want happening.

You Are Receiving Outrageous Electricity Bills

If you look at your bill and think that there must be a mistake, this could be because the HVAC unit you have is malfunctioning and sucking up more power than usual. When wiring and electrical issues occur, these normally drive up electrical bills, so having your air conditioning unit checked onsite will help identify the source and patch things up. Once the issue is solved and the electricals are all fixed up, this will prevent any future issues from happening.

Your AC Unit Shuts Off Abruptly

Your AC unit should never shut off by itself. When this happens, this is a sign that something is wrong with the unit. Normally, these are issues that come from low coolant levels, which force the air conditioning unit into a shutdown. To troubleshoot this, try raising the thermostat by five degrees. If the unit does not run in a few minutes afterward, this means that it is blocked and needs to be unclogged. This calls for professional HVAC repair services to get the unit up and running again.


HVAC systems are integral in daily business operations, as they ensure the comfort of those working in the place, as well as clients and customers visiting. Nobody wants to be confined to space with others while the AC unit is damaged on a hot summer day. Keep your business in a comfortable state with proper HVAC maintenance and routine checkups.

For HVAC repairs in Edmonton, contact us at Soul Mechanical for both residential and commercial maintenance services. Don’t allow your business to kneel down to hot summers or extremely cold winters and have your HVAC systems repaired and maintained by us!

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