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The holidays are a time for rest, relaxation, and quality time with friends and loved ones. Before you start decorating and getting your house ready for all the festivities, there are a few plumbing tasks you need to get out of the way first. 

One of the most important tasks you need to finish before the cold sets in is plumbing. Making sure that there will be no incidents concerning your pipes and drainage systems is crucial to making your holidays more enjoyable. Imagine hosting a party for your family and friends when suddenly a pipe bursts because you failed to properly check your plumbing. It will not only ruin the entire party; it will also be quite costly to replace.

4 Plumbing Tips Before the Holidays Start

The weather can get really cold during the holidays. Sub-zero temperatures can do a number on your pipes and plumbing if you are not careful. Prioritizing the following tasks before winter sets in will ensure that you will not have any plumbing problems after the holiday season.

1) Remove Outside Hoses

Before the cold creeps in, it is important to get rid of any hoses that are connected to the faucets you have outside. Both the faucet and the hose will get damaged if any water turns into ice in between them as the temperatures drop. The ice will cause the hose to loosen its grip on the faucet. When winter is over, they will no longer have a tight grip on one another. 

2) Check Your Outdoor Meters and Vents

Outdoor meters and vents may be severely damaged if snow, ice, and other winter debris get caught in them. To prevent these from sustaining any damage, clear away any snow or debris from the vents and meters. Avoid using hot water or salt to clean them because these may cause more harm than good. 

3) Prevent Busted Pipes

Preventive care for your house’s plumbing will prevent pipes from getting busted once the weather gets colder. Protecting your pipes using padding or special insulation tape will minimize the extent of the damage. You may also opt to install a heating system to prevent your pipes from freezing up. 

4) Know Where the Main Shutoff Valve Is

Knowing where the main shutoff water valve is will be useful in case you suddenly need to turn the water off. For example, if a pipe bursts, you need to immediately turn off the main valve to prevent further damage. You won’t be able to do so if you don’t know where the valve is, and any delays can lead to more burst pipes that can put your property at risk.


Getting these plumbing tasks done before starting on your to-do list for the holidays is crucial if you want to avoid any plumbing problems after the winter season is over. Making sure that there is nothing caught in your drains and faucets, especially for those outdoors, will ensure that no debris will cause problems for the drainage system when the ice melts.

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