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The latest air conditioners are designed to be as quiet as possible when running. Although they still generally produce sounds, there are other kinds of noises that can be loud or disruptive. These bothersome noises can clearly indicate problems as simple as having a single internal issue to as complicated as dealing with multiple faulty parts in the system. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to them. To get yourself familiar with them, here are common noises air conditioners make:

– Rattling Noise

A rattling noise coming from your air conditioner may mean the assembly motor or blower has come loose. Thankfully, this is relatively easy to repair, and you can fix it without a skilled professional. All you need to do is turn off the power supply and check the condenser unit for any loose or disconnected components.

– Loud Buzzing Noise

A loud buzzing, popping, or vibrating sound likely means that your air conditioner has an electrical issue related to your circuit breaker, fan motor, or wiring. This problem is typically caused by debris around the unit or a dirty air filter.

While this seems easy to diagnose and fix, remember that electrical issues can be dangerous. For this reason, it’s advisable to hire a trusted technician experienced in handling heating and air conditioning problems.

– High-Pitched Squealing Noise

Compressors in your air conditioner have a sensor that signals the system to turn off if it reaches a high-pressure level. Once this internal pressure gets to a dangerously high level, it causes a high-pitched squealing noise. If your air conditioner is making this sound, turn off your unit right away and seek professional air conditioning repair.

– Hissing Noise

A hissing or bubbling noise emanating from your air conditioner may be an obvious sign of underlying issues, like a refrigerant leak or a moderate to severe air duct leak. This sound may also be caused by a malfunctioning expansion valve or an air filter incompatible with your unit.

Refrigerant leaks are usually caused by a rusted filter dryer, leaking Schrader valve, leaking air conditioner or heat pump coil, and more. These leaks must be taken seriously because the refrigerant can pose health issues. For this reason, call a professional as soon as possible to have your unit inspected.

– Screeching Noise

A screeching or screaming noise made by your air conditioner means your fan motor or compressor is faulty. You will figure out that the problem is in your fan motor if you hear the screeching noise the entire time your unit is running. Since It is caused by a loose fan belt, you must request your technician replace the fan motor.

If your air conditioner makes a screeching noise only after the first few seconds or minutes it is turned on, the compressor may be operating at high levels of pressure. Shut off your system immediately and contact an HVAC technician to replace your compressor. Be sure to check the warranty first before seeking a replacement.


A noisy air conditioner is a common problem among many homeowners. If you are dealing with any of these weird sounds, they are often a sign of a problem in your system. Fortunately, you can sleep with peace of mind again when you hire air conditioning experts to inspect your air conditioner.

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