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Having a water heater at home is so convenient. You don’t have to manually boil water for drinking, bathing, and other essentials that require you to use warm water—simply flip your heater on, and you’re good to go. But people tend to overlook the need to check up on their water system, which is just as necessary as maintaining your other appliances.

Before you know it, you’re experiencing cold water streaming from your water heater, and you realize something’s wrong with your machine. If you just made an effort to sustain it earlier on, you wouldn’t be experiencing losing hot water so soon!

The only thing you can do now is to reach out to emergency plumbers in St. Albert to save your faulty water heater before it gets worse. On the other hand, if you want to find out how to tell if your water heater needs to undergo repairs before it breaks down entirely, then keep reading below. 

Do you notice water discoloration?

If the water coming out of your heater is showing signs of discoloration, it could be an indication that rust is forming inside the machine. Corrosion can not only contaminate your water, which could lead to health issues, but it could also cause flooding.

While it’s possible to remove the rusted part to ensure it doesn’t happen again, isolating the source is quite difficult. Apart from that, it requires some technical expertise to handle the replacements—which is where local plumbers come in to handle the job.

Can you hear unusual noises coming from inside your unit?

Hearing splashes of water whenever you use your heating system is considerable, including soft-sounding hums that shouldn’t cause any alarms. But if you start to notice distinct clattering noises originating from your machine, there may be something wrong with your heater after all.

The sounds could indicate a buildup inside, which may require your unit to exert more energy just to give you the hot water you need. Thus, your electricity bills will be affected too!

Are there signs of leakage?

A malfunctioning water heater could also display symptoms of either producing inadequate water or signs of leakage. If there’s a puddle of water near the system, it can indicate that your water heater is damaged. Continuing to use your heater can end up causing more problems.

Are you receiving insufficient hot water?

If the hot water coming out of your heater starts to turn cold, it’s a sure sign that something’s wrong with your system. The same goes for experiencing inconsistent hot water that changes temperature constantly, which could prove that unnecessary particles are affecting it.

Not receiving the appropriate hot water could also mean your unit’s pilot light is broken. If you don’t know how to fix that on your own, attempting to tinker with your heater can lead to accidents. Instead, calling for emergency plumbing services to help you out is required.

Has your water heater been around for some time?

The typical lifespan of a home water heater that receives regular maintenance can last up to twelve years. If you think your machine isn’t showing any signs of failure, it’s still possible to experience a leak in due time.

Does it taste funny?

When your hot water starts to taste weird and even has a hint of metal to it, it could denote that your water system is experiencing decay. If even your cold water is dirty, the problem involves pipes containing both hot and cold water.

Meanwhile, if your hot water is the only line displaying signs of rust, it could be that your heating system is the only one with a problem. Experiencing rotten-smelling water can also prove that your pipes are damaged!


If you say yes to any of the questions above, then your water heater is most likely malfunctioning. While it may not be definitive, these point toward a need for repair, maintenance, or a straight-up replacement. In such occurrences, calling heating contractors right away can help address your situation and save your water heater from breaking down completely, leaving you with no hot water to use!

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