Refrigerators are some of the most vital pieces of technology in today’s world. Every home has one or two of these units, as they assist in keeping food and ingredients in edible and fresh conditions. The refrigerator has one job, and that is to keep everything inside it cold. As simple as the job seems, it is immediately rendered useless once it stops performing as expected.

Various reasons can explain why the refrigerator unit refuses to cool, and when storing food or essential medications are involved, emergency repairs are a must. Edmonton refrigeration services are critical in keeping a home’s fridge and freezer units working correctly. Here are the reasons why your unit might not be cooling and what to do about these issues:

  • Electricity Is Not Flowing

While this sounds like common sense for any appliance, refrigerators have a common problem of sometimes losing their ability to draw power from an outlet. Sometimes, checking if the unit is plugged or if the outlet is still giving out a current can save you from tossing out a perfectly good fridge. Some instances leave fridges with broken cords or with frayed wiring. When this happens, shutting off the unit and calling an emergency 24-hour refrigeration repair service will save you from creating fires or nasty shocks. 

  • Temperatures are Set Wrong

Some instances where food appears at room temperature or other products end up melting can be traced to wrong temperature settings. Many people set their thermostats wrong, which is counterproductive to what the refrigerator does. A unit that appears broken can be potentially fixed by attempting to set the temperatures to 0 Celsius for the fridge and below-freezing temperatures for the freezer. If this still does not work, there may be internal issues, a job for Edmonton refrigeration repair services. 

  • Unblock Air Vents

A fully-stocked fridge or freezer can be detrimental to its functionality, as it uses vents to blow out cold air to keep stored food cool. Sometimes, blocking these vents can cause clogging inside, which might mean the airflow is trapped inside, causing ice to form. Fixing this will require a defrosting procedure, in which you will need to clear out the fridge, unplug it, and wait a few hours to let the ice melt. After the defrosting procedure, ensure that air vents stay clear and remove any old food and condiments to free up space. 

  • Incorrectly Stored Food

Shifting the arrangement of food stored inside the fridge is essential in promoting good airflow. Since packed fridge units can cause refrigeration to be less powerful, moving items around for maximum efficiency and cooling. The even distribution of food and containers will ensure that the cold air is flowing correctly, preventing air vents’ blocking with internal ice. 

  • Damaged Components and Features

Some modern refrigerators have unique features that prevent frost build-up or other temperature control mechanisms for a more efficient system. However, like anything made by humans, they are bound to fail despite having years of development. When specific components wear out, these can cause the fridge to develop excessive ice build-up and other kinds of mechanical problems. A fridge repair service is realistically the only way to go about these kinds of issues. 


When it comes to refrigerators, these need to be working around the clock to store perishable goods and other temperature-sensitive items. A non-working fridge or freezer can be a hassle to deal with, leading to mass spoilage of food and other goods. As problems arise, it is best to resolve them quickly by contacting 24-hour refrigeration emergency services before anything gets worse. 

When looking for Edmonton refrigeration emergency repairs, contact us at Soul Mechanical for both residential and commercial maintenance services. A non-working essential appliance is never an option, so watch out for any warning signs in your refrigerator. Contact us for any emergency repair or plumbing services today!

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