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Many issues often arise at home that trouble the homeowner’s life – some major problems and some minor ones. However, one issue that can easily stress any own is with the pipes. There are times when people think they can solve their plumbing issues on their own. In some cases, their “home remedies” work, but they turn into bigger problems most of the time. There’s nothing wrong with solving minor plumbing issues, but you must first know the common mistakes to avoid.

If you want to stay away from costly repairs, here are four common plumbing pitfalls to avoid: 

  • Using Drain Cleaners

When it comes to clogged drains, a chemical drain cleaner is a popular product to use because it works! Many homeowners consider it a miracle product—just a few drops of it on the drain, and the blockages are gone. However, don’t you think it’s too good to be true? If you can have a miracle product like that, then plumbers might be out of a job, right? 

Drain cleaners may solve your problem, but only momentarily. This is because the product is harmful to your plumbing pipes, as it can make them corrode or leaky. Know that drain cleaners contain strong chemicals that are harmful to your pipes.

So, the next time you feel the urge to pour down a drain cleaner to address a drain problem in your home, you may want to use alternatives instead, such as a plumbing auger. This device works like a drain snake that can clean and unclog your drains without the need for chemicals. Natural products like baking soda mixed with vinegar also work; you just need to wait for a couple of hours for it to take effect. 

  • Forgetting To Shut Down The Main Water System

Before you work on any plumbing issues at home, you need to ensure that the main water system has been shut down. If not, what was supposed to be a repair can turn into something messy because of the still flowing water in the pipes. Next thing you know, you’re not only dealing with a plumbing issue, but with flooding as well!

  • Not Getting Permits

If you have the experience to work on your plumbing that requires a permit, then you know that you must get a permit before you attempt to fix the pipes. Forgetting this will lead to problems that could devalue your home. Make sure you have the right permits before any significant plumbing work on your property. These permits allow local building officials to help oversee home improvement projects and ensure they meet regulations and are safe. 

  • Fixing With No Proper Training And Experience

If you rely on YouTube tutorials to help you fix your plumbing issue, then you might want to forgo the idea, to begin with. Today, many homeowners do this, and most of them end up with a bigger plumbing issue on their hands than when they started. If you don’t have proper training in basic pipework, you should skip the DIY project and call a professional plumber instead. In the long run, this will save you more money and time!


Ultimately, if you have adequate knowledge and experience to resolve basic or minor plumbing issues at home, by all means, do it. Nevertheless, you must be mindful of the four common pitfalls you need to avoid when you’re working on the plumbing systems, as mentioned above. In case you have zero experience, it is best to skip it and leave the job to the experts. You will not want to deal with bigger problems that will cost you more money in return!

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